Step by step

Once you have created an account

It is in your account that you report interest in vacant apartments. We will then contact you if you are offered an apartment tour. You can apply for several apartments. Make sure that you have filled in all the information in your search profile, otherwise you will not be able to make interest requests. You cannot influence your interest registration by calling or emailing us.

Subscribe to emails with matching apartments

As an applicant with us you get a subscription to vacant apartments that match your wishes. If you have received a subscription email, you must log in to your account and put the current apartment in your interest basket.

Attend an apartment tour

When we have reviewed all the applications, we send out an invitation to an apartment tour to a selection of applicants. The time varies from case to case, as we make an overall assessment based on each individual vacancy. We always send offers for tours by email, so it is important that you provide the correct email address.

Who is offered the apartment?

To be offered an apartment, you must comply with our rental policy. Victoria Park has no queuing system as we strive for a mixed tenant composition. After ensuring that the applicants meet the basic requirements, we make a decision based on an overall assessment. We are always happy when a current tenants wishes to stay with us. Therefore, you can get priority for vacant apartments, primarily in the same city where you live today.

Sign a contract

When you have got an apartment with us, it is time to sign a contract. The person that lives in the apartment must be on the contract. Don't forget to bring your ID. The lease is a legal binding document that entails both financial and custodial obligations. When signing the contract you will receive all the necessary information about your new home.