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We have a wide selection of newly renovated rental apartments in several cities. We offer apartments in both suburban and downtown locations. From smaller, space-efficient apartments to larger apartments and family-friendly townhouses.

We have no queue or scoring system. Instead, we work according to our rental policy. If you meet the requirements of our rental policy, you have good opportunities to get an apartment.

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How to apply for our apartments

In order to apply for an apartment with us, you must register and create an account on My Pages. With your account you can subscribe to vacant apartments that match your preferences. There is no cost to registering or applying.

Our vacant apartments

You do not need to be registered as an applicant in order to look at available apartments in your city.

How it works

Wondering how searching our apartments works? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions asked by housing applicants.

The road to an apartment

  1. You register as a housing applicant. You need an account with us to search our apartments. There is no cost to registering an account. Make sure that you have filled in all the information in your search profile, otherwise you will not be able to apply for an apartment.
  2. Search for available apartments that you are interested in. You can apply for several apartments. If you meet the basic requirements of our rental policy, you can be offered a tour of an apartment. You cannot influence your application by calling or emailing us.
  3. Upload certificates. In order to be offered a tour of the apartment, you must upload certificates that confirm that you meet the basic requirements.
  4. Keep an eye on your email.We always send offers for apartment tours via email to the email address you registered with us. It is therefore important that you provide a correct e-mail address and that you check it regularly. Don't want to miss out on an apartment that would have been perfect for you? Subscribe to My Pages and you will receive an email when there are apartments that fit your preferences.