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Phone hours: Mon, 07-19 and Tue-Fri at 07-18.
Phone: 010 20 93 900
Email: malmo@victoriapark.se


Service announcements Malmö & Trelleborg city center: 040 97 00 60
Service announcements other areas in Malmö: 040 93 12 70
Vermin: 075 245 10 00

ADdress Heleneholm

Fosievägen 29
214 31 Malmö
Visiting hours: Mondays at 13-15, Wednesdays at 10-12 and the first and the closest week day after the 15:th weekday every month at 08-12 and 13-16. If the1st or 15th accours a monday or wednesday, you refers to Ramelsväg 53.

AdDress Rosengård

Ramels väg 53
213 69 Malmö
Visiting hours: Mondays at 10-12, Wednesdays at 13-15 and the first and the closest week day after the 15:th every month at 08-12 and 13-16. You are also welcome to book an appointment.

My pages for service announcements

Please use My Pages primarily to report your problems. Open 24 hours.

Best regards
Evert Rydell with staff
Area manager


TV: comhem.se
Internet: Besök victoriapark.itux.se för att välja mellan tillgängliga tjänsteleverantörer.