For a healthy living environment, it is not allowed to live too many people in the apartment. A normal one room apartment is adapted for a maximum of two people, a 2nd for a maximum of three persons, a 3rd for a maximum of four persons and so on.

A good habit is to always keep clean and tidy on your balcony and patio. Garbage on the balcony and the patio increases the risk of fire, attracts birds and creates trouble for you and your neighbors. If you want to put up flower boxes, keep in mind that they must hang on the inside of the balcony rack, otherwise there is a risk of them falling down and hurting someone. Barbecue is not allowed on your balcony or patio.

In case of fire in your apartment, get out and close the door after you. Then the fire and the toxic smoke do not spread as fast. Never go out into a smoke-filled stairwell! Does it burn somewhere else and the stairwell is smoke-filled, stay in your apartment and keep doors and windows closed. The smoke is deadly and kills quickly. Call 112. The fire department will help you out. Your apartment can withstand fire and smoke for 30 to 60 minutes.

If you get any kind of vermin inside your apartment, such as flour beetles, you must contact Anticimex immediately so that the vermin does not spread. Through our agreement with Anticimex, they come to you and fight vermin for free. Phone: 075 245 10 00.

If you want to install your own antenna, awning, fence, screen ceiling or similar, you must get permission from us. There are special rules for
installing a satellite dish for example. If it falls down on the ground there is danger for humans.

If you want to rent out your apartment in second hand, you must submit an application to us. You need to have a good reason to get your application approved. You are responsible for the apartment during the subletting period.

You have the right to get equipment that break out of normal wear and tear repaired. Contact us immediately so that the damage does not
deteriorate. Service notifications can be done 24 hours a day on our website, under ”My Pages”.

Victoria Park follows the General Health Authority’s General Council. This means that the indoor
temperature should be at least 20 degrees Celsius measured by standard temperature sensors. When you check the temperature, measure in the middle of the room and one meter above the floor.

Always contact us before you begin any renovation work. It is allowed to paint and put up wallpapers in the apartment, but one requirement is that the work is done in a professional way. Avoid extreme colors and pattern. To avoid recovery claims when moving, you should contact your Bobutik for advice before you start.

You are required to report damages that arise in your apartment and the common areas of the
property. If a serious damage occurs as a
consequence and you have not reported it, you may be compensated, no matter who caused it.

You are obliged to obtain your apartment in good condition by cleaning it and follow our regulations. Take good care of furnishing that are included in the apartment such as stove, fridge, freezer, floor, walls and windows. If you cause damage that is not on a normal level, we as a landlord may charge you for the damage.

For example:
• Smoking due to smoking in the apartment
• Permanent stains on walls, ceilings, floors
• Moisture damage in the apartment
• Blockage in the sewage