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My pages is the online service where you take care of your accommodation-errands. Free of charged and open 24 hours.

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Check if your TV and Internet contracts can be moved or if you have to cancel them. We have agreements with different suppliers depending on where you live. Visit your "Bobutik" page for more information.

We advise all our tenants to purchase an insurance. You will need an insurance in case of fire or any other accident. You are responsible for accidents appering inside your appartment and it can be very expensive without an insurance. We cooperate with Moderna Försäkringar who offers you a discount when purchasing an insurance with them. 

Please download the information folder here (in Swedish)

You must pay the rent in advance each month, no later than the last weekday of the month. This means, for example, that the rent for April must be paid by the end of March. It is important that the rent is paid on time. Unpaid rent leads directly to debt collection and an additional fee. If you do not pay the rent after the collection fee, you will be notified of termination of your lease agreement.

You will receive keys to your apartment, street door, laundry room and other general areas. Make sure you have the correct number of keys and that the number is the same according to the key receipt. You will be charged for lost keys. You may collect your keys earliest on the first weekday every month, after 12 pm. When picking up the keys, remember to bring your lease agreement, ID and a receipt of the first rent payment.