Do not feed the birds. It can attract rats with sanitary issues as a consequence. Barbecue may only take place at the barbecue areas located on the courtyard. Consider the fire hazard. It is not allowed to drive vehicles such as bicycles, cars or mopeds in the residential area. Pets must be tied outside. Always use bags and take care of the poop. It is not permitted to have a pool or trampoline on the common courtyard due to the accident risk.

Do not place anything in the stairs or outside your door. The staircase must be kept clean from combustible material. Follow the rules carefully in the laundry room. Be careful when using the washing machines. Respect the schedule and booking rutines. Pets are not allowed in the laundry room. Smoking in stairwell, entrance hall, laundry room, storage room and garage is prohibited.

You are required to show respect to your neighbors. Avoid disturbing noices such as loud music and late showers. It is extra important between 22:00 - 07:00. Tell your neighbors in advance if you plan to have a party.