Sustainable MANAGEMENT

We work actively to develop pleasant and attractive residential areas. For us, quality of administration is important. With our own staff in the residential area, we want to create a good dialogue with our tenants and make the area a really good place to live in.

We renovate apartments that are terminated or when a tenant wishes so. The newly renovated apartment is rented to a new standard and monthly rent. This means that no tenant is forced to move because of renovation.

We strengthen the traditional management

We strengthen our local management by hiring "bocoaches" and environmental hosts every year. The result is safer areas with less damage and littering, which has a direct effect on real estate operations. The employment opportunity has also had a great value for the individuals with increased self-esteem and salary instead of grants. For society, it has meant that more people have gained work experience and strengthened employability combined with lower contribution costs as a result, and increased employment and income level. 

Constant dropping wears away a stone - the trend in Herrgården 2013-2018

In Sweden today there are some 180 disadvantaged areas in which approximately 600,000 people, or 6% of the country’s population lives. Of these, 23 areas are defined by the police as particularly disadvantaged areas that have a high degree of violence and organised crime. Several, such as Rosengård and Lindängen, are located in Malmö. This report addresses the effects of property company Victoria Park’s initiatives in Herrgården, a part of Rosengård. 

The report is a continuation and exhaustive analysis of our earlier study on Victoria Park’s social sustainability initiatives. You can download a summary of the report here:

A summary of the report